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A-Type Aluminium Acupuncture Needle (5 in 1) 0.30 x 75mm

A-Type Aluminium Acupuncture Needle (5 in 1) 0.30 x 75mm

Alternative Name: A型镀银铝丝柄针灸针(5支一管) 0.30 x 75mm

Product Code: NA3075G5

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Handle Type: Aluminium

Chinese: 30

Gauge (mm): 0.30

Length (mm): 75

Format: 5 in 1 guide tube

Package: 500 needles

Aluminium Alloy Handle 5in1 Guide Tube , 0.30 x 75mm

Our A-Type Series is available in 100 or 500 needles per box. Theses aluminium handled needles are lightweight and generally suitable for more sensitive patients. The aluminium alloy spring handle is non-tarnishing and is prevented from discolouration. Each pack has extended medical sealing paper for easy peeling. Easy-to-detach perforations. 5 needles per flat with Finger-saver feature. NA needles are available as single in a guide tube or as 5 in 1 guide tube. Triple polished and silicone coated.

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