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Authenticated Dried Herbs

It is with great excitement and pride that we formally announce Phoenix Medical has been granted RCHM Approved Supplier status. Not only have we been granted this assuring vote of confidence, but we have also become the very first company in the market to achieve this within the new RCHM Approved Supplier Scheme.

RCHM Approved

The new Scheme is much more stringent and rigorous than previous Schemes and is aimed at the future Statutory Regulation of Herbalists within the HPC and in articulation with the MHRA and European Union directives.

This Approval is the reflection of our continuous commitment to Quality Assurance, our dedication to high professional ethics, and our allegiance to a long-lasting relationship with both the RCHM and the ATCM.

We currently stock over 500 authenticated top quality dried herbs and granules including many PaoZhi processed dried herbs. You and your patients may check the Certificates of Analysis for every single batch of herbs you are using (includes authentication results as well as Pesticide,Heavy metals and Microbiological analysis.

Our authenticated dried herbs are produced by the ShangHai Medical Group and embody the DaoDi (道地) concept of being harvested in the right place at the right time, thoroughly screened for heavy metals and pesticide levels, and supplied in vacuum sealed package to ensure the stability of the materia medica. We are proud to cooperate with Kew – Royal Botanical Gardens and the British Pharmacopeia Working Group in their research through the supply of some of these botanical products.

Phoenix Medical proudly offer the best authenticated dried herbs from an exceptional selection of superior quality materia medica. Authenticated dried herbs from Phoenix Medical include an extensive assortment of authenticated culinary, craft, and therapeutic dried herbs. Choose from our flavorful culinary dried herbs to add that “extra” something special to your favorite recipes, or from our authenticated therapeutic dried herbs for your diet supplement and herbal preparation needs. We stock authenticated dried herbs in over 300 varieties. Our all-inclusive line of authenticated dried herbs provides you with one of the most diverse selections available.

Our Phoenix authenticated dried herbs are more popular than ever and have an endless array of uses. With the help of Phoenix Medical, you can create your very own herbal body care products, or spice up your favorite recipes with our authenticated culinary dried herbs.

Authenticated Dried Herbs with a Guaranteed Premium Quality

Authenticated Dried Herbs with a Guaranteed Premium Quality

Buy Phoenix authenticated dried herbs from us and you can be assured that you receive the highest quality authenticated dried herbs available anywhere in the world. This is because Phoenix cooperates with the most famous herbal pharmaceutical manufacturers to source only the best authenticated herbs from specific regions well known for those unique herbs. We also control the processing for all of our authenticated dried herbs and conduct stringent inspections during the whole process. For all of these reasons, we are so confident in the superior quality of our authenticated dried herbs that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every order.

To find out if you qualify to buy wholesale authenticated dried herbs from Phoenix Medical, please visit the online shopping section of our website with free registration.

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