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Charity Partners

As well as supplying quality and authentic Chinese medical supplies and offering educational courses in TCM, we also believe it’s important to give back to the community. Through fundraising and charity work, we aim is to help as many people as possible; whether it’s supporting our local food bank or fundraising for charities within our industry.

Each of our charity partners is dedicated to improving the TCM industry, as well as improving the lives of patients and practitioners. To find out more about their work, or to consider making a donation, please visit their website. 

World Medicine

World Medicine

World Medicine is a charity which provides acupuncture to people suffering as a result of trauma, disasters and poverty. 2017 brought many acupuncturists together who selflessly volunteered to treat victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Since then, we have been helping to provide the project with acupuncture needles and supplies needed to run the free clinic. We have since matched all donations contributed by our extremely generous customers to help supply over 50 volunteer acupuncturists with safe and effective supplies to treat the victims.

Animals Asia

Animals Asia

As we’re 100% against the supply of animal products for Chinese medicine, we’re pleased to be supporting Animals Asia to help end the exploitation of animals for healthcare. In our campaign ‘Healing without Harm’, we are working to raise awareness for the charity. We are donating 10p per order and customers have the opportunity to donate money to the cause when they place an order. In the future, we will be introducing donation packs and hosting fundraising events to raise awareness and money. We also have infographics, Instagram posts using the hashtag #SubstituteSaturday and blog posts which you can shared with practitioners and patients. All proceeds go directly to Animals Asia.

Phoenix Medical x Animals Asia

We are always looking to grow the Phoenix family and support new ventures. If you’re doing something charitable which is related to acupuncture or herbal medicine, we want to hear about it! Contact us by emailing a brief to