Fei Yan Tea

Fei Yan Tea. 20 bags/box x 2 boxes/set.
We're proud to announce our exclusive partnership with the original creator of Fei Yan Tea 正品飞燕 10 years ago, Fei Yan tea was the most popular herbal weight loss tea in Europe amongst TCM clinics. Since then, many counterfeit products had been produced and the market saturated with poor quality products, causing problematic side effects to patients. At Phoenix we understand the importance of patient safety, especially in the realms of weight loss, and therefore we pledged that we would only work with the original creator and supply the authentic product. We're pleased to be able to provide this product to TCM practitioners in the UK and Europe, to help guide patients through their weight loss journey safely.
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Product Name Fei Yan Tea
Chinese Name 正品飞燕
Product Code WT140
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Fei Yan Tea

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