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All practitioners are certified by the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners (FTCMP) Certification Commission for TCM must be committed to responsible and ethical practice, to the growth of the profession’s role in the broad spectrum of the United Kingdom health care, and to their own professional growth Candidates seeking certification agree to be bound by the FT CM Code of Ethics.

Professor Dr Bo-Ying Ma, the Chairman FTCM (Federation of TCM, UK), was born in Dongyang of Zhejiang Province in China. He is a full professor of Shanghai Medical University, of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a committee member of the academic experts council of Shanghai Medical University, of Shanghai TCM University and Academy in China; a visiting professor of Kingston University, Life-Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, UK; a deputy chairman of the Pan-European Federation of Consultants in TCM and an Executive Council Member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.