Gao Liang Jiang

Dried Lesser Galangal Rhizome (Gao Liang Jiang) is a member of the ginger family native to Thailand and other parts of southeast Asia. The root of galanga is usually denser and more knobby than ginger root. The typical galanga root is ivory or pale yellow colour with pink tips. It has a hot, spicy taste and is one of the primary spices used in many types of Thai cooking. The roots and rhizomes are used medicinally for their health benefits. 



- May help alleviate pain 

- Can assist with vomiting, diarrhoea and hiccup 

- May assist balance the body's QI 

- High concentration of minerals such as iron, potassium, manganese, copper, selenium and magnesium 

- Can help keep skin and hair healthy 


All Phoenix Medical dry authentic herbs are free of sulphur, herbicides and pesticides.

Alpinia officinarum Hance, Part of Use: Rhizoma
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Product Name Gao Liang Jiang
Chinese Name 高良姜
Product Size 500g / Bag
Product Code HDG045
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Gao Liang Jiang

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