He Shou Wu (Zhi)

Dried Fallopia Multiflora (He Shou Wu (Zhi) is a climbing plant native to China. It is also grown in Taiwan and Japan. It is also known as Chinese Knotweed and Fo-Ti. The plant itself is a type of vine and once harvested, the leaves, roots and tubers are separated and combined with other ingredients to create medicinal remedies. 



- May help stabilise blood cholesterol levels 

- Can assist with memory loss 

- May help tonify the blood, liver and kidneys 

- Can be used to help constipation, sores, abscesses and chronic malaria


He Shou Wu Zhi is a PaoZhi processed herb so it is more effective at reducing toxic and purgative effects and strengthening the function of nourishing Yin the in the Kidneys. 


All Phoenix Medical dry authentic herbs are free of sulphur, herbicides and pesticides.

Polygonum multiform Thunb.
Part Used:Root
More Information
Product Name He Shou Wu (Zhi)
Chinese Name 何首乌(制)
PaoZhi Processed PaoZhi Processed
Product Size 500g / Bag
Product Code HDH070
Featured Product No

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He Shou Wu (Zhi)

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