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The National Health Service (NHS) was launched in 1948 to satisfy the ideal that good healthcare should be available to all. This principle remains at the heart of the NHS to this day and is free at the point of use for UK residents, with exceptions to charges on prescription, optical and dental services. 

The practice of acupuncture in the NHS is mainly provided through fully-trained General Practitioners and Physiotherapists. It is provided upon the basis of evidence based scientific research to ensure that safe treatment is carried out. 

It is with great pleasure to see the advances that Traditional Chinese Medicine has made in the UK. Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years and have proved to be effective in many areas of treatment. Acupuncture is now available on the NHS in many hospitals and clinics across the country.

We are incredibly proud to be an approved supplier of TCM supplies to NHS hospitals and clinics throughout the UK.  Today, we work with more than 80 NHS hospitals and clinics across the country, including the prestigious University College of London Hospitals (UCL), University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and many more. We supply them with the finest quality products for safe and effective treatment.

Furthermore, we also work with the University of Southampton NHS National Institute for Health Research. Phoenix Medical is the approved supplier to the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Randomised feasibility and pilot study using Chinese Herbal Medicine to explore Impact on Dysfunction. (ORCHID study). 

The acupuncture needles we supply to the NHS are made of the highest quality Japanese surgical grade stainless steel. They are individually packed and sterile. After usage, they are destroyed by incineration. 

For more information about the work we do with the NHS or enquiries regarding supplies, please email