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Acupuncture Needles from Phoenix Medical

Phoenix Medical acupuncture needles are designed to perform and satisfy EU safety & reliability standards. These acupuncture needles are made from the highest quality Japanese surgical grade stainless steel using the most advanced manufacturing facilities. Every single step of production is strictly controlled, from raw material inspection to the final product testing. This includes quality controls during manufacturing, polishing and sterilisation.

The Acupuncture Needles tip is sharpened and triple polished to ensure consistency and provide ultimate sharpness, thus delivering a painless and efficient acupuncture treatment. With a fully automated and state-of-the-art manufacturing process and a close partnership with the manufacturer, we are capable of providing a very competitive price compared to other acupuncture needles suppliers. Different handle designs benefit different applications.

The Phoenix acupuncture needles have compliance certificates.


Phoenix C-Type Series – Copper Handle Needles

Boxes come in either 100 or 500 needles. The spiral copper needle makes it perfectly suited for electro-stimulation and moxibustion. The needles have thicker handles than other brands which makes the needles easier to manipulate. Available either with or without guide tubes. Acupuncture needles with guide tubes come with either 1 or 5 per tube depending upon your requirement.

Phoenix A-Type Series – Aluminium Handle Needles

Our A-Type Series is available in 100 or 500 needles per box. Theses aluminium handled needles are lightweight and generally suitable for more sensitive patients. The aluminium alloy spring handle is non-tarnishing and is prevented from discolouration. Each pack has extended medical sealing paper for easy peeling. Easy-to-detach perforations. 5 needles per flat with Finger-saver feature. NA needles are available as single in a guide tube or as 5 in 1 guide tube.

Phoenix S-Type Series – Stainless Steel Handle Needles

The Phoenix S-Type Acupuncture Needle has a Korean style spring coil handle without a loop. The handle is made of the highest quality Japanese surgical grade stainless steel. Available in either 100 (with or without guide tube) or 500 (5 per guide tube). This needle combines solidity and smoothness, making it suitable for a wide range of acupuncture treatments including moxibustion.

Phoenix D-Type Series – Plastic Handle Detox Needles.

Our Phoenix D-Type series detox acupuncture needles come in boxes of 500. They have a highly visible plastic orange handle with a ribbed surface for easy gripping. This is an ideal needle for facial and ear acupuncture.

Available sizes: 0.20 x 7mm, 0.22 x 13mm.

Phoenix NI Series – Intradermal Acupuncture Needles

Intradermal acupuncture needles, These are semi-permanent needles that allow for continuous use for several days. The acupuncture needles are inserted and its circular handle is taped to be kept in place. Also known as sub-cutaneous needles. Sold in boxes of 100, sterilized and individually packed needles.

Available sizes: 0.12 x 4mm, 0.18 x 6mm

Phoenix B-Type Series – Solid Metal Handle

The B-Type series acupuncture needles from Phoenix come with solid metal handles. Ideal needles for auricular acupuncture commonly used in detox protocols. Ribbed handles for easy gripping and swift insertion. Available in boxes of 100 or 500 acupuncture needles.

Phoenix Acupuncture Needle Chart