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Phoenix Medical specialises in supplying only the best products money can buy. We source the highest quality granules, herbs and accessories from the most renowned sources around the world, to bring you products that you can have faith in. Our dry herbs come from the world famous Shanghai Medical Group. The Shanghai Medical Group have been at the forefront of innovation for many years in the traditional Chinese medicine market place.

Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Our granules are supplied by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical who are largest and best company in the world for TCM granule production. On our video page you can see a video showing the processes involved in bringing you the highest quality granules every time you order.

Established in 1993, Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is the first R&D manufacturer of the Chinese medicinal granules in China. Apart from achieving widespread recognition among consumers and the medical sectors, Tianjiang was appointed the first “National Experimental Enterprise of Chinese Medicinal Granules” by the State Drug Administration of China to produce and distribute Chinese medicinal granules. It was GMP certificated by the SFDA since 2002.Today, it is the largest domestic manufacturer of Chinese medicinal granules and its research and manufacturing ability is in the international leading position.

By applying modern scientific technology and referring to the traditional making of Chinese herbal decoction, the Chinese medicinal granules are elaborately prepared by extracting,concentrating and drying the Chinese herbal pieces. With stable and reliable quality,this product keeps the properties and effect of the original Chinese herbal pieces, and is suitable to be used in the TCM clinical prescriptions.

Properties of the Granule Products

  • Developed and manufactured under the guidance of TCM theory
  • Processed by referring to the making of traditional Chinese herbal decoction
  • Multi composition extraction, with water as the dissolvent
  • Corresponding manufacturing technology chosen according to the different properties of the herbal pieces
  • Retaining the composition of volatile oil
  • Low-temperature concentration,and instant drying
  • Exempt from decocting, easy to carry,sanitary and hygienic
  • Accurate dosage controlled by quality standard
  • The quantities of pesticide residue and heavy metal fitting the standards
  • Standard package made by referring to the adult daily dosage
  • Packed with plastic-membrane aluminum, light-proof and damp-proof, with the expiration period of 3 years