Day Lily ( Huang Hua Cai)

Huang Hua Cai/ Daily Lily/ Hemerocallis citrine, also known as 'golden needle’. The roots of this plant are bitter and affecting the spleen and lungs while the flower, fresh or dried, is sweet and affecting the lungs and the large intestine. The dry flower it is used in TCM for medicinal purpose; treatments include high blood pressure, clearing heat and stop bleeding. The most common use of Huang Hua Cai is in combination with the cloud or wood ear fungus in Hot and Sour Soup and most commonly in vegetarian dishes.
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Daylily flower buds. 100gram/bag
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Product Name Day Lily ( Huang Hua Cai)
Chinese Name 黄花菜
Product Size 100g / Bag
Product Code WD070
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Day Lily ( Huang Hua Cai)

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