Green Bean (Lu Dou)

Lou Dou/ Green beans/ Phaseolus radiatus L. As per TCM definition it is sweet in flavour and cold in nature and it covers the meridians of stomach, intestine and liver. Its many functions includes clearing heat, refreshing, removing pathogenic heat from the blood, helping to detox, lowering cholesterol, preventing allergies, reducing blood fat and protecting liver and kidney. Its uses can include swollen sores and boils, burns, bruises, and intoxication. Lou Dou is consumed in noodles or mung bean sprouts, and usually in the form of a salad or a fried dish.
Green Bean, Non GM, 500gram/bag
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Product Name Green Bean (Lu Dou)
Chinese Name 绿豆
Product Size 500g / Bag
Product Code WD150
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Green Bean (Lu Dou)

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