Tai Ju Golden Chrysanthemum flower bud.

Tai Ju / Golden Chrysanthemum Flower Bud. / Tai Ju is slightly bitter with a taste similar to grapefruit. Its main properties include: relief from headaches and dizziness, help in digestion, blurred vision or eye strain, reduce inflammation associated with flu due to its antibacterial properties. It helps supporting the lungs and is used to treat respiratory diseases including shortness of breath. It also helps to reduce acne.
Golden Chrysanthemum flower bud. The closed chrysanthemum buds are more fragrant than the open flowers Ju Hua, this is because the essential oils have remained within the flower. These flowers are wonderful when steeped in hot water and drunk as tea.
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Product Name Tai Ju Golden Chrysanthemum flower bud.
Chinese Name 胎菊
Product Size 100g / Bag
Product Code WD030
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Tai Ju Golden Chrysanthemum flower bud.

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