Ban Xia(Fa)

Pinellia Ternata.. Part Used: Rhizome. Known as Pinellia Rhizome. Entering meridians: lung, spleen and stomach. Processed with Gan Cao (liquorice). Fa Ban Xia is used to treat spleen deficiency encumbered by dampness and internal retention of phlegm and thin mucus. Can also be used to treat patterns of both cold from deficiency as well as damp-heat. All Phoenix Medical dry authentic herbs and concentrated herbal granules are free of sulphur, herbicides and pesticides.
Pinellia Ternata(Thunb.)Breit.
Part Used: Rhizome
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Product Name Ban Xia(Fa)
Chinese Name 半夏(法)
PaoZhi Processed PaoZhi Processed
Product Size 500g / Bag
Product Code HDB150
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Ban Xia(Fa)

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