Cang Zhu

Dried Atractylodes (Cang Zhu) is an aromatic herb found throughout Asia, especially China. The rhizome is used medicinally as it is comprised of essential oils, including hinesol, elemol, atractylodin, selinene and furaldehyde. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this can also be available as a tea, tincture, extract or powder. 



- May help with indigestion, stomach ache and bloating

- Can help retention of fluids

- May assist with loss of appetite 

- Can help with weight loss 

- May assist with allergies 

- Can help with joint pain 

- May help treat diarrhoea 


All Phoenix Medical dry authentic herbs are free of sulphur, herbicides and pesticides.

Atractylodes lancea(Thunb.)DC.
Part Used: Rhizome
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Product Name Cang Zhu
Chinese Name 苍术
Product Size 500g / Bag
Product Code HDC020
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Cang Zhu

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