Tremella Mushroom (Yin Er)

Tremella Mushroom (also known as silver ear/snow ear/white jelly mushroom) is very popular in Chinese cuisine for it's healing properties and is known to beautify the skin. It is widely used in Asia as a Qi and immune tonic. 

The Tremella Mushroom has many different names such as; silver ear, snow ear and white jelly mushroom. Studies have proven that tremella is rich in protein, carbohydrates and fats. As well as crude fibre and a variety of salts and vitamins - which contain 18 kinds of amino acids.

Tremella Mushroom contains the highest level of the natural whole food form of Vitamin D among known food sources.



- May help to beautify the skin 

- Can assist with lowering blood glucose and cholesterol 

- May be used to protect against radiation 

- Can help boost the body's antioxidant levels 

- May assist the treatment of asthma, dry cough and heat in the lungs 

- High in Vitamin D

- Contains 18 kinds of amino acids 

- May help benefit the skin and enhance 'beauty' 

- Can assist in nourishing the lung, stomach, kidney, strengthen bones and maintain ideal weight 

Tremella Mushroom, 100gram/bag
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Product Name Tremella Mushroom (Yin Er)
Chinese Name 银耳
Product Size 100g / Bag
Product Code WD090
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Tremella Mushroom (Yin Er)

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