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TCM Herbalist

One of the newest and most advanced Chinese Herbal Medicine software programs, also available on iPad! Visit the TCM Herbalist website for more information on pricing. Below are links for free 14 day trials.

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This Innovative software was designed for the clinical and academic needs of TCM practitioners and students. Developed because of the specific need for a comprehensive and scientific application in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the software allows both students and practitioners to:

· Enhance their knowledge, and actively experiment with different herbs & formulas on an interactive interface.

· Programmed for practitioners by practitioners; the program is loaded with a great deal of scientific and academic research, as well as thousands of years of ancient wisdom, all available to you at the click of a button.

The features offered by this software are what make it so versatile and unique. The blend of ancient cultural wisdom combined with customizable technologically, advanced software capabilities and ingenuity enables you to apply the full spectrum of your knowledge and education in the time-sensitive world of practicing medicine.

Some of the features:

    • Fast Type Technique: Allows you to enter an entire prescription in seconds.
    • Compare to Base Formula: Discover what ancient wisdom is behind your prescription with our list of over 500 classic TCM formulas.
    • Temperature Analysis: Watch the prescription’s temperature distribution graph change with each new herb you type in.
    • Prescription Re-Use: With a complete patient history record, there’s no more retyping a patient’s prescription, just click and go!
    • Powerful & Flexible Search Engine: Searching by any parameter imaginable helps you research herbs and formulas from any unique angle you wish.
    • Warehouse: Create your own easy to control virtual warehouse! Your Prescription can be sent automatically to the dispensary at Phoenix Medical . Using only Tianjiang Granules or JHT Sulfur free Dried Herbs your prescription will be dispatched the same day.
    • Manage Patients: No filing through multiple folders and databases. Take the stress out of it – manage all of your patients’ details on one screen.
    • Tagging: Easily categorise & tag your cases for research purposes.
    • Statistics: Get insight into your practice, like what herbs you use the most, tagging distribution, and patients’ age & gender distribution.

These are just a few features. There are many more features that make the software an easy to use, simple to control, and industry leading TCM platform.


Give it a try right now and see for yourself why we think the TCM HerbaList software is the ultimate tool for Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalists’.