Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Achieves CNAS Accreditation

Tianjiang logoWe have worked with Tianjiang from when we started the company and we chose them because of their unprecedented quality, state of the art technology and dedication to improving standards of Chinese medicine.

Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in 1992 and for decades, they have been contributing to public health whereby millions of people around the globe have benefitted from Tianjiang's herbal medicines. Today their concentrated herbal medicines are taken by millions of patients in over 30 countries.

Aside from achieving widespread recognition among consumers and medical sectors, Tianjiang was appointed the first “National Experimental Enterprise of the Chinese Medicinal Sector”, approved by the State Food and Drug Administration. Tianjiang is recognised as an “Experimental Unit of Reform of TCM Decocting Pieces” and approved by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Furthermore, they were the first manufacturer of concentrated herbal granules that passed the State GMP certification. Tianjiang is hailed as “the best of its kind” by Development Research Center of the State Council. In 2011, Tianjiang won the second national prize of science and technology progress.

In 2016, Tianjiang was awarded CNAS accreditiation for their state of the art laboratory testing - an internationally recognised certificate for technological excellence. With this achievement, we're proud to be developing and encouraging the growth of Chinese Medicine as Tianjiang's European representative. 


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