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Concentrated Herbal Granules

Our concentrated herbal granules are produced by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the largest producer of concentrated granules in the world. Tianjiang is part of Sinopharm, which is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Unlike other manufacturers, we use spray-drying instead of fluid-bed granulation, which dramatically reduces excipients and results in perfectly soluble higher concentrations.

Phoenix Medical

The Chinese medicinal herbal granules are elaborated by extracting, concentrating and drying the Chinese herbal materia medica, allying modern scientific technology to the classical way of making Chinese herbal granules and decoctions. With stable and reliable quality, these products keep the properties and effects of the original Chinese herbal medicines, and are suitable to be used in the Chinese medical and clinical prescriptions.

  • Developed and manufactured under the guidance of Chinese Medicine Theory
  • Processed by referring to the making of traditional Chinese herbal decoction
  • Multi composition extraction, with water as the solvent
  • Corresponding manufacturing technology chosen according to the different properties of the herbal pieces
  • Retaining the composition of volatile oil
  • Low-temperature concentration, and instant drying
  • Exempt from decocting, easy to carry, sanitary and hygienic
  • Accurate dosage controlled by quality standard
  • Analysis of the quantities of pesticide residue and heavy metal fitting the strictest European standards
  • Standard package made by referring to the adult daily dosage
  • Packed with plastic-membrane aluminum, light-proof and damp-proof, with the expiration period of 3 years


Phoenix Medical