Xiang Fu (Cu)

Rhizoma Cyperi. Part used: Rhizome. Known as Nut-Grass Rhizome. Entering meridians: Liver, San Jiao and Gallbladder. Origin: Most parts of China. Xiang Fu Cu is a Paozhi processed herb so can be more effective at strengthening the function of dispelling liver qi, improving digestion and removing food stagnation. All Phoenix Medicial dry herb and concentrated herbal granules are grown without sulphur, pesticides or herbicides and are grown in the place of origin.

Cyperus rothundus L.

Part Used: Rhizome

More Information
Product Name Xiang Fu (Cu)
Chinese Name 香附(醋)
PaoZhi Processed PaoZhi Processed
Product Size 100g / Bottle
Product Code HSX051
Featured Product No

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Xiang Fu (Cu)

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