Zhu Ru (Jiang)

Caulis Bambusae. Part used: Stem. Known as Bamboo Shavings. Entering meridians: Lung, Stomach and Gallbladder. OriginL Yangtze River and South China. Zhu Ru may clear and resolve heat-phlegm, relieve restlessness and stop vomiting. All Phoenix Medical dry herb and concentrated herbal granules are grown without sulphur, pesticides or herbicides and are grown in the place of origin.
Bambusa tuldoides Munro, Part Used: Stem Please note that the product image is incorrect. This product has been processed with ginger.
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Product Name Zhu Ru (Jiang)
Chinese Name 竹茹 (姜)
Product Size 100g / Bottle
Product Code HSZ099
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Zhu Ru (Jiang)

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